‘Reversing type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines’: education from Dr Sarah Hallberg’s TEDx talk

Dr. Sara Hallberg says:

When I was preparing this talk for TEDx Purdue in 2015, I had no idea it would be viewed over 2.8 million timesI firmly believe the reaction to this talk is an expression of people being fed upFed up with the status quoFed up with listening to the advice they were given only to get worseFed up with yet another prescription bringing another side effect and more costsFed up and looking for advice that is not only evidence-based, but also doable. Fed up and searching for a way to escape the progressive cycle of type 2 diabetesHere it isA solution that goes back to the basics and remembers that we can and should use Food as Medicine .

Transcript here

TEDx talk here

Giovambattista Scarfone

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