A message from Dr. David Anderson

I want to share with readers a message from Dr. David Anderson 

Dear Friends and Family,

We live in times of common censorship and relentless propaganda, funded by Big Money, and designed to drown out science and common sense. As you know  I have advocated for a year minimizing and fighting Covid-19, with nature’s 500 million-year-old front-line solution. That is to take decent amounts (an average daily intake for adults of around 4,000 Units daily) of cholecalciferol, aka Vitamin D3. 

Last March I posted an imperfect 3-minute film (link https://studio.youtube.com/video/ga0QCAu_bic), and since then much new evidence has emerged to support my central thesis. Yet the well-funded blanket denial continues. Now, with no serious media debate, we face relentless pressure to take one of many rushed-out vaccines, and with no redress if it goes wrong. And it is surely disquieting, for example, that the BBC has received $20 million and the Guardian $3 million from the Gates Foundation, conditions undisclosed.  David Grimes and I encountered first-hand overt censorship of our book (pdf file attached) by Amazon and Facebook. 

Let me make a prediction which will be comforting for some of you - if you are D-replete (with a blood 25(OH)D in excess of 40 ng/ml (100 nmol/L)) you will, if you haven’t already done so, fight off all variants of Covid-19 like any nasty common cold, and so don’t need a vaccine. And if your now-Police-State forces you to have one,  it probably will not kill you. But evidence is emerging that the vaccines are killing more people than Covid-19, in the so-called third wave of Covid-deaths. Time will tell if those dying are D-deficient, and/or are harbouring the active virus; except that such data is conveniently not being collected.

Anyway, please watch my short film, produced with the help of Bruce A, (link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkOZ-FgDVgw), which was prepared to go with a Poster Presentation to the American Endocrine Society on March 20th.  At the very least it contains some interesting potted history you may be unaware of.

With best wishes,


Giovambattista Scarfone

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