Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19

This article, published in Clinical Medicine Journal November 2020 vol. 20 no. 6 e282-e283, contains words of great balance and intellectual integrity that criticize NICE's position on vitamin D 

From the article:

...NICE is a body that is orientated towards evaluating randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of pharmaceutical products, and so largely discounts observational studies. It does not appear to understand biological systems, such as the case of vitamin D, where sufficiency of an inactive natural storage precursor is crucial for the production of an active one that has many other local roles, in addition to the obvious general control of calcium absorption and bone health

...It is to be hoped that the Royal College of Physicians will now advise the government that a universal vitamin D supplement averaging around 4,000 IU daily for an adult, which even NICE declares to be safe, should be taken at least during winter months. And as a long stop, the blood level of vitamin D should be checked occasionally to cover individual variation. We predict that this would make us all healthier in many ways, prevent a predicted COVID-19 ‘second wave’, and eliminate the immediate need for a vaccine and the current spurious polymerase chain reaction-generated lockdown panic.

Giovambattista Scarfone

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