Insulin resistance and hypertension are associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and a systemic low grade inflammation

Insulin resistance and hypertension are considered to be Western diseases. It has become clear that most, if not all, typically Western chronic diseases find their primary causes in unhealthy lifestyles and that systemic low grade inflammation is a common denominator [111718]. Our ancestors (primitive humans) had to undertake considerable physical activity to gain food and had to adapt to prolonged period of famine [17], which favored fat storage, a trail inherited by modern man. Moreover, our modern lifestyle, characterized by energy- and sodium-rich Western diet, sedentary life and high psychosocial stress, favors positive energy balance. In the long term, this positive energy balance creates the need for surplus fat storage [18]. When the capacity for safe lipid storage in adipose tissue is exceeded lipids overflow to non-adipose tissue, increasing the risk for chronic systemic low grade inflammation and subsequent insulin resistance, hypertension and metabolic syndrome [19].

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Giovambattista Scarfone

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