Association of the Inactive Circulating Matrix Gla Protein with Vitamin K Intake, Calcification, Mortality, and Cardiovascular Disease: A Review

Vascular calcification is not a passive, degenerative, untreatable disease, but an active process in which proteins and molecules are involved. MGP is the most powerful natural calcification inhibitor found in the human body, and is tightly associated with all types of calcification, mortality, and cardiovascular disease. Exogenous supplementation of vitamin K might upregulate its function, reduce calcification, and protect against mortality and cardiovascular disease. The sensitivity of dpcMGP assay is less compared to that of the dpucMGP assay. In future trials, among all inactive MGP forms, ucMGP maintains calcium-binding capacity and might be a VC marker, whereas dp-ucMGP might be considered a novel risk factor for mortality and CVD.

Giovambattista Scarfone

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